About Your BSU

The Black Student Union is the largest, most effective and influential campus organization at East Carolina University since its founding in 1998. We believe in providing a place where students who identify with, support, or simply embrace black culture can come to congregate and discuss issues within the black community. BSU also strives to provide support for those students who are new to the college experience and need help with the transition into this new environment. Outside of providing assistance on our campus, we push for our members to be engaged in community service opportunities offered throughout the year. Our organization encourages academic excellence and constantly reminds our members about the value of their college education. We meet EVERY WEDNESDAY AT 5:30 PM IN Mendenhall Great Rooms. We gladly encourage any and everyone to come and check out one of our meetings!!!

Our organization offers five Committees and two Sub-Organizations:

Standing Committees:

Community Outreach



Membership and Retention


Standing Sub-Organizations:

ICON Modeling Troop

Signature Sounds Vocal Ensemble

Nubiance Dance Troop

*If you are a member of BSU or you want to be, visit the blog to get the latest event announcements!*

Mission Statement:

“To promote success in life, academics , campus and community involvement while celebrating our culture and cultivating a sense of black unity amongst the entire East Carolina Student Body. We will educate, uplift, and empower ALL students while preserving the heritage of African-American culture by providing programs and services that are relevant to community and global issues.”

Your 2013-2014 Executive Board:

Black Student Union Exec Board 2013-2014

(Pictured Top to Bottom)


4 responses to “About Your BSU

  1. Hello,

    My son has been accepted at ECU. I am curious to find out how the black students are enjoying ECU. I was concerned about the diversity. Please contact me and give a little feedback. Thank you so much!

    • Hello Ms Penny,

      As a graduate of ECU and a proud former member of BSU, I can honestly say that as with any college or university- your 4 year experience will be whatever you make of it. With that being said, ECU welcomed me with open arms and as your son will find when he arrives on campus is that ECU is a lot more diverse than what meets the eye at times. I encourage any person to get involved on campus in student organizations, but also to be involved in academic clubs as well.

      I hope this helps and that you are as ready to be a part of the PIrate Family as your son is (you must attend 1 football game with him during his Freshman year, it will be an experience neither of you will ever forget!)

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